Agency Elevated Course Overview

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Building an Agency Plan Based on Your ‘Why’

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Drafting Your Vision

Part 3: Understanding Your Market

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Mastering Your Marketing Mindset

Part 1: Passive vs. Active Marketing

Part 2: Conversions & ROI

Part 3: New Business Marketing

Part 4: Cross-Sell Marketing

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The Power of Having a Solid Team

Part 1: Building Your Team

Part 2: Roles & Compensation

Part 3: Interviewing

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The Power of Communication and Accountability

Part 1: The Weekly Meeting

Part 2: Summary & Next Steps

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John Lucero

John Lucero, a 17+ year veteran, developed this course based on nearly two decades of experience. He personally struggled with feeling alone as an insurance agent and has since developed expertise in the areas of Recruiting, Education, Coaching, Development, and Product Knowledge.

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