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Masterclass Outline

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Masterclass Materials


Download the slides presented during the live masterclass


Opening & Closing Scripts

Download Victor’s opening & closing scripts  for the one-call close

Bonus Content

Building a Winner

Push the vendor for a 20% cut off the top of the price of each lead in return for not returning ANY leads. (Read this eGuide that comes with this Masterclass to find out why!)

Download the eGuide

The Closers Clique

The Closers Clique is our premiere coaching & consulting program for agency owners looking to grow & scale their businesses. 

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Victor Gonzalez

Victor Gonzalez is an independent insurance agency under the Brightway Insurance Franchise in southwest Florida.

Victor has worked for a 12MM State Farm Agency, 83MM Allstate Agency, 30MM Allstate Agency and consulted for countless other insurance mega-agencies and smaller agencies alike.

He specializes in internet lead optimization, sales training/processes, coaching and pipeline management.

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