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Victor Gonzalez teaches his exact strategy for mastering the one-call close

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Become a Telesales Master

Sales is now an almost entirely web/phone based service.

And telesales is getting more difficult. 

Prospects no longer answer their phones. And if they do, they immediately respond with “NOT INTERESTED,” and hang up the phone.

So keeping people on the phone is now an artform.

Lead vendors resort to generating leads using clickbait ads like, “If you’re paying more then $19.99 on insurance, you’re paying too much!”

Which makes value-selling a must to learn.

Leads are completed with inaccurate information all the time (false email, phone number, current carrier, coverages, accidents reported etc.)

So getting the information you need to quote can feel like pulling teeth. 

In this live Telesales Masterclass, you will learn how to become a telesales master. Discover how to breakthrough these roadblocks and overcome objections to get to the one-call close.

About the Masterclass

Victor Gonzalez, telesales specialist and coach, teaches his step-by-step telesales strategy for one call closing. Using Victor’s process, agents find they typically close 15-20 policies per month on the first call.

 What topics are covered?

  • Best Practices for Cold/Warm Calling
  • How to Remove “Opt-Outs”
  • Opening Script to Keep Leads on the Phone
  • Rapport Building 101
  • How to Close the Sale (includes closing script)
  • Best Calling Hours
  • How to Maximize Your Day (includes hourly schedule)
  • Understanding Lead Sources (and how to vet them)
  • How to Optimize Your Leads
  • Pipeline Management 101
  • Pipeline Follow-up Cadence
  • Re-engaging X-Dates

Masterclass Format

This is a live Masterclass. After signing up, you will receive confirmation via email. The day of the Masterclass, you will receive an email with the link to join via Zoom. 

30 Minute Presentation with Open Q&A Afterwards .. 

Below are some example questions that Victor answered on the last live Masterclass. You will have an opportunity to ask your own questions .. 

  • What “opt-outs” should be removed if you’re cold calling someone and they haven’t requested a quote?
  • I have had horrendous luck with internet leads in the past. Is one company better than another?
  • What does it mean to scrub leads? What is the best way to scrub for DNC?
  • Do you ever text and email your leads?
  • Can you outline follow-up process on internet leads?
  • How many follow-up attempts per day?
  • Is the email part of your follow up cadence or this is addition to calling?

What’s Included? 

  • Access to the Live Masterclass 
  • Victor’s Step-by-Step Telesales Process
  • Open Q&A Session (ask your questions to Victor)

After the live Masterclass, you’ll have access to..

  • The Full Masterclass Recording
  • The Presentation Slides
  • Victor’s scripts in downloadable PDF format
  • Victor’s eBook, Building a Winner
Telesales Training Portal

Training Portal Access

After the Masterclass, the recorded training, presentation, opening & closing scripts, and bonus materials will be available through a training portal on this website

About Victor Gonzalez

Victor Gonzalez is an independent insurance agency under the Brightway Insurance Franchise in southwest Florida.

Victor has worked for a 12MM State Farm Agency, 83MM Allstate Agency, 30MM Allstate Agency and consulted for countless other insurance mega-agencies and smaller agencies alike.

He specializes in internet lead optimization, sales training/processes, coaching and pipeline management.

Victor partners with the Jumpstart Go team as a coach in The Closers Clique Program (TCC). The TCC program provides a supportive community and multi-faceted consulting for agency owners in the areas of lead generation, sales, automation, and scaling. 


Success Stories

I’ve taken a lot of working my pipeline and follow ups religiously from Victor. Most prospects, even in the corporate sales arena, I follow up with them 5-10+ times just to get the opportunity to even see if they are qualified, let alone a decision maker. Whether it be one phone call, hang up, or no response to an email/quote, doesn’t mean I stop there, I continue to push to get the results I need.


-Ty Martins (Allstate/DocuSign)

Ready to start closing 15-20 policies per month on the first call?

Save your seat for the Masterclass this Friday @ 3pm EST. See you there!

**even if you cannot attend live, registration will give you access to the recorded class and all materials