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Spanish Facebook Covers
Use these Facebook Covers to connect with your Spanish-speaking audience.

Life | P&C | Health

Una talla no se ajusta a todas

[accessally_icon post_id=”7726″]  “Because One Size Doesn’t Fit All” is the perfect Facebook Cover to use for just about any personal line of insurance. Great for connecting with young families & expecting parents.

Life | P&C

El Viaje

[accessally_icon post_id=”7734″]  “Life’s Journey Covered” is a great option for Life, Auto, and other personal P&C lines. Use this cover to connect with young people.


Su Negocio Cubierto

[accessally_icon post_id=”7736″]  “Your Business Covered” is great for all commercial lines of insurance.

How to Use These Images

Use these images as your Facebook Business page covers. Need help setting up your Facebook business page?

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Life | P&C | Health

Manos Pequeñas

[accessally_icon post_id=”7728″]  “Small Hands. Big Responsibility.” is another great all-purpose Facebook Cover to use for personal lines. Great for connecting with parents & grandparents.

Life | P&C | FEX | Health

Celebra la Vida

[accessally_icon post_id=”7735″]  “Celebrate Life Knowing You’re Covered” is perfect for connecting with an older demographic — whether for life, health, final expense, or P&C.


La Salud de Sus Seres Queridos

[accessally_icon post_id=”7737″]
“Your Loved Ones Health Covered” is perfect for connecting with all ages.

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These Facebook covers pair perfectly with the newly released Spanish Facebook Ads set.

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