Term Life Insurance Explained

Post this infographic on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. Use it to educate your existing and potential customers about the basics of term life insurance.

How to Use this Infographic

This infographic is appropriate to share on all your social media channels.

Pro Tip: Have you ever connected with a potential client through a messaging platform like Facebook messenger? Sharing an infographic like this one is a great way to provide value.

Need an example?

Here’s how you could use this infographic within your messaging sequence. 

  1. You see that someone on Facebook is looking for insurance recommendations.
  2. You reach out to them in Facebook messenger with a message similar to this:

“Hey, [friend looking for recommendations]! I know! It can be totally overwhelming trying to navigate the world of insurance. I just wanted to give you some resources to help make the process slightly less confusing. Check out this infographic explaining the basics of term life insurance. Hope it helps! Let me know if there are any questions I can answer!”

Chances are that they have tons of other agents reaching out to them. By providing valuable content, you are immediately standing out.

Term Life Insurance Explained

Infographics are a great way to provide value to your audience. They are visual, easy-to-understand, and offer helpful information. Because they are helpful resources, infographics build trust with your potential and existing customers. Don’t miss the opportunity to tell your audience how you can help by offering a free coverage review.

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