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Set Your Insurance Business Up for Success with this Foundational Course for all Aspiring Insurance Business Owners 

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Discover the business foundations every aspiring agency owner should know

As an insurance agent, it’s easy to get lost in the details. After all, you’re focused on bringing in leads and closing deals, so it’s only natural that building your business can sometimes take a back seat. Maybe you’ve tried focusing on growing your agency, but it seemed like you were on your own to figure everything out.

It’s a common theme among insurance agents, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Too many agents are missing out on the proven ways to operate as a business owner instead of as an agent. And now, they can have the resources they need to take that next step.

Taught by John Lucero

The Agency Elevated Course was created by an insurance agent for insurance agents. John Lucero, a 17+ year veteran, developed this course based on nearly two decades of experience. He personally struggled with feeling alone as an insurance agent and has since developed expertise in the areas of Recruiting, Education, Coaching, Development, and Product Knowledge.

And now, he is sharing all of that expertise in his exclusive course.

The Agency Elevated Course is designed to help you learn the Power of the Agency Vision Plan, how to master its essential components, and bring it all to life.

Broken down into 4 easy modules:

Module #1 – Building an Agency Plan Based on Your ‘Why’

  • Understanding the core concepts of the Agency Vision Plan
  • Finding your ‘why’ and the struggles you face as an insurance agent
  • Developing your value proposition and mission statement
  • Analyzing the market and defining your target market
  • And more!

Module #2 – Mastering Your Marketing Mindset

  • Introduction to marketing, advertising, and sales
  • Knowing the difference between passive vs. active marketing (and why you need both!)
  • Developing your New Business Marketing Plan
  • Learning conversion ratios and analyzing ROI
  • The value of cross-selling and retention marketing
  • And more!

Module #3 – Creating a Powerhouse Team

  • Discover the ins and outs of staffing – job posting, roles, and compensation
  • Understanding the value of your team members
  • Uncover how to source for your team on popular platforms
  • Developing Performance-Based Compensation for your team
  • How to interview and follow up with prospective team members
  • And more!

Module #4 – Cultivating Communication & Accountability

  • The importance of holding a weekly team meeting
  • Creating accountability for your team
  • Tracking results and completing your Agency Vision Plan
  • Learning from your weekly meetings and adjusting to meet business goals
  • Discovering the next steps for your journey as an agency owner
  • And more!

What’s Included in the Agency Elevated Course?

  • Recorded video training for 17+ year veteran, John Lucero
  • Downloadable guide to clarifying your vision, mission, and value proposition
  • Office Branding & Location Development Worksheet
  • Learning from your weekly meetings and adjusting to meet business goals
  • Market Analysis Worksheet
  • Market Opportunity Worksheet
  • Scripts for winning referrals
  • Sample Job Posting
  • Questions to Ask Interviewees
By signing up today, you will have all the tools needed to become a knowledgeable agency owner who is well-versed in marketing, building a solid team, and understanding the core concepts of having a successful business.

Get lifetime access to all 4 modules — broken down into small easy-to-follow segments

If you’re ready to eliminate the feeling of being on your own and start transitioning your agency into a stable business that thrives, then the Agency Elevated Course is ideal for taking those next steps.

The course includes worksheets & downloads so you can follow along step-by-step!

By signing up now, you can be leaps and bounds ahead of other agencies who struggle to grow. In just a couple of hours, you can uncover all the tips, tools, and techniques to boost your agency’s performance.

Not only will you develop the clarity for your value and mission statements, but you’ll also develop core knowledge of marketing and staffing strategies to excel and reach your business goals.

Here’s What Others Are Saying About Agency Elevated

I completed the elevate your agency course a couple weeks ago, it was business changing! I instantly knew I was meant to take it. I had been an insurance agent for the last 16 years and 2 years ago started my own agency. That was quite a transition going from agent to agency owner. I always felt like I was missing something. Missing the basics, the solid foundation every business needs. So when I saw the course I didn’t hesitate. The 5 week journey really digs in deep but yet isn’t overwhelming to the point you would want to give up. It will teach you how to build a solid foundation in your business and how to take the next steps. You also have the opportunity to be interactive with others taking it as well. I found that to be a great perk. Each week you will be working on a new topic and creating your plan with worksheets that coincide with that week. There is so much valuable information you don’t want to miss anything! If you are looking to elevate your business to the next level this is definitely the place to start. I can’t wait to see what other options they have available to take it up another notch!
Kristine Karre

Kristine Karre Agency

I have known John for about 2 years and have always been impressed with his enthusiasm and drive to make sure that the agents he works with have all the tools necessary to be successful. I started following John’s blog and when he announced that he had created a 5-week course to elevate my agency, I immediately signed up. John delivers his content in a way that any agent no matter what their tenure or size of their agency would find beneficial. Each course is designed to focus on a specific topic and will either provide you with a valuable marketing tip or show you how to view from a different perspective. Taking this course was one of the best investments I have made in my agency.

Julie Parks

Agency Owner

“The material presented was extremely valuable for building a business! When I acquired my agency two years ago I went in with the “building a business” mindset and not just being an insurance agent. This course reaffirmed that I was going in the right direction, establishing processes and procedures to build my business. But this course also opened my eyes up to what I thought I was doing for marketing – I didn’t realize that I was spending a lot of time doing “passive” marketing and not having a strong “active” marketing presence. I immediately implemented changes and shifted my energy to more active marketing and my sales have increased by 50% since I took this course. Another big lesson that John spends time on is to always be hiring. I should have started this process immediately because shortly after completing the course I lost my lead person and it left me in a precarious position. I’m spending time now looking not only for my next hire to replace my lead person but I have also started my search for agency producers and future team members. This was the best money and time spent for helping me to build my agency. Thanks John!”

Jessie Banuelos

Agency Owner

The Jumpstart Go Special Offer

The Agency Elevated Course is available at the special launch price of $147 (normally $197). The one-time purchase gives you lifetime access to the course, even as it is updated with material in the future. 


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Get Instant Access to the Course

Discover the business foundations every aspiring agency owner should know

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