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Grow Your Insurance Business Using Chatbots

Uncomplicate the Process of Building Chatbots & Use Them to Grow Your Business

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Start utilizing chatbots for your insurance business

Let’s face it – chatbots are not the easiest thing in the world to learn. If you’ve ever ventured into chatbot land, then it’s likely you either decided they weren’t a good fit for your business, or you tried them only to find out they didn’t work the way you thought they would.

You’re not alone!

Many business owners are facing those same frustrations, and they’re also keeping their business from tapping into an ideal way to grow their business.

The Baby Got Bot Beginner’s Course can help you move past all the confusion and overwhelm of chatbots so that you can implement this revolutionary tool – without annoying your audience!

When you sign up for one of the Baby Got Bot Beginner’s Course levels, you’ll have access to up to:

  • 40 short and to-the-point training videos so you can learn what you need to and get back to your busy schedule
  • 15 easy-to-follow guides that you can refer to any time you need assistance
  • 4 live trainings + Q & A calls so that you can get your questions answered and learn about the latest strategies
  • A private consulting call to get help tailoring chatbots directly to your business
  • And much more!
If you’re ready to learn how to use chatbots and effectively offer your audience a more personalized experience, then now is the ideal time to sign up for the Baby Got Bot Beginner’s Course.

By signing up, you can be one of the few insurance businesses that are building chatbots and leveraging a larger engagement capacity.

Learn How Grow Your Business Using Chatbots

Instead of just learning what chatbots do, you’ll also discover how to build and implement them so that you can send more relevant notifications to your audience and help them experience more personal interactions with your business.

What Others Are Saying

“Kelly is blazing the way for chatbots! She has a fountain of knowledge and what she doesn’t know about them isn’t worth knowing. She’s on the leading edge of chatbots. Plus, her unique and enthusiastic delivery makes Kelly a pleasure to listen to both in YouTube and on stage. Kelly rocks!!”

Madalyn S.

“Kelly is the QUEEN of chatbots! She has made chatbot tutorials not only informational but fun and engaging. You can only watch so many boring videos before you want to bang your head on a desk. She has saved my poor forehead from any further injury. She is my go-to resource anytime I have chatbot questions or I need to learn something new!”

Julie R.

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Start utilizing chatbots for your insurance business

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