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CHAIN Selling Process Course for P&C Agents

Tired of Dealing with Objections and Pushback from Customers?
Now you can overcome the most common objections using a proven process without appearing salesy or pushy to close more deals.

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Too many P&C agents lose sales because the industry has taught customers to shop on price. It’s a struggle to sell based on value, which means you end up closing on price and then lose the customer later simply due to a few dollars’ difference every month.

That’s where CHAIN can help!

The CHAIN Selling Process Course helps you to approach your customers in a more conversational manner, meaning your pitch is more relatable and interesting. And it makes customers feel like THEY made the decision without you having to be pushy.

With CHAIN, you can:

  • Significantly increase your closing ratio and average premium per policy
  • Build crazy customer loyalty and retention
  • Prevent objections before they ever come up
  • Stop selling state minimum policies
  • Increase bundling numbers
  • Make the sales process smoother, easier, and low-pressure for both producers and customers
  • Increase revenue on every sale
  • Sell policies to customers even when you can’t save them money

All without being pushy, salesy, or dishonest!

By using CHAIN, you can not only overcome objections, but you can also prevent them from ever happening in the first place.

Watch to learn more about The CHAIN Selling Process with Tyler Ramer

Do the following objections sound familiar?

  • You’re not saving me enough money to be worth switching
  • I’m fine with the state minimums, I just want what the law requires
  • I don’t really need renter’s insurance
  • I’d rather wait until my renewal to switch
  • I just don’t want to go through the effort of switching right now
  • I have to talk to my spouse/business partner/dog
  • I want to shop around
  • I need to think about it

If so, then it’s time to stop hearing them now!

With CHAIN, you can utilize a proven system to help P&C agents experience higher closing ratios as well as happier, more loyal customers. You’ll also notice an increase in confidence in your agents because this system helps reduce the fear and uncertainty of sales conversations.

Course Taught by Tyler Ramer

The CHAIN Selling Process was created by Tyler Ramer, founder of the P&C Revolution. He is an expert on helping others grow and scale their agency.

In addition to CHAIN, Tyler also has multiple other programs, such as The Organic Social Media Course, that he offers to help agencies expand their reach and generate more revenue.

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CHAIN Selling Course

Get Immediate Access to the CHAIN Selling Process Course!

Get Immediate Access!

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