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Tired of wasting time collecting policy information and wondering if it’s accurate? Now you can streamline your sales process, reduce policy collection by 80%, and obtain 100% accurate information all in one easy-to-use system.

InsurGrid is a custom software designed to help you save time and make your life easier.

With InsurGrid, you can:

  • Send links straight to prospects via email or text for faster processing
  • Connect directly to a prospects insurance account to quickly verify information
  • Receive their declaration page instantly and securely
  • Gain insights and qualify leads so you can add value to your prospect’s coverage

And the best part is that you can brand the software to your agency to add an instant trust and credibility factor with interested prospects.

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Make It Easy for Clients to Work with You

Instead of wasting time waiting for your prospects’ declaration pages and slowing down the sales process, discover how you can close more deals, and provide value to your clients. With InsurGrid, you can spend more time building relationships, increase staff productivity, and experience an increased close rate.

By claiming your free trial now, you can instantly and securely collect declaration pages and boost your revenue cycle. You’ll also save time by being able to qualify leads accurately and offer options that add value to their coverage. Start saving time and utilize this revolutionary tool to close more deals.

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