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Role Play at the Olson Agency

Give Your Agency an Instant Lift with Insurance-Specific Sales Topics Year-Round

Gain access to LIVE stream role play and coaching based on the latest insurance topics to help your agency make this your best year yet!

Get Access to Weekly Live Sales Training

Role play training to up your sales game

Insurance teams across the country face a variety of sales and service issues every day. Without having any place or resource to turn for help, not knowing how to respond can impact your bottom line, but now, that’s completely avoidable.

What is Role Play at the Olson Agency?

Role Play at the Olson Agency (RPOA) is a unique approach that is revolutionizing agencies throughout the U.S.

Every week, RPOA delivers content based on relevant topics in the insurance industry to help you experience instant improvement with your sales team as well as to your sales figures.

What can you expect from RPOA? 

With RPOA, you receive an episode every week that contains:

  • Teaching – in the first few minutes, the team will introduce the episode so that you have an understanding of what is being discussed.
  • Practice – the majority of the episode will involve practicing insurance specific talk paths with LIVE role-playing from actual agency staff.
  • Coaching – to close out the episode, you will participate in a live, fun, and engaging coaching session from both our team coach and owner

By subscribing to RPOA, you can take your agency up a few notches and know exactly what to do in common scenarios affecting the industry.

What’s included in your RPOA subscription?

  • A LIVE role-play session where you and your team will get firsthand knowledge of an interaction between agent and client.
  • A library of each episode so that you can revisit the content at your convenience or share them with new team members.
  • The opportunity to be a guest on the show and share your expertise and insights to other agents across the country

Could your agency benefit from RPOA? 

Subscribe and get access to the weekly LIVE training. All the training sessions are recorded, so you’ll have them for future reference. 

In the last six weeks… we have been here since the beginning… and our close ratio has gone up 13%!!!! Whaaaaa!? 13%! And my team also LOVES training with Role Play at the Olson Agency!

Agent in Colorado

I wanted to reach out and say thank you while sharing a quick success story. I was calling on some older web leads at the beginning of the week and I got the “I didn’t ask for a quote” objection. I went straight into the script you provided and slowed down and spoke with a no big deal attitude and I got the quote! Not only did I get the quote, I closed the business today!


Sales in Nevada

My new staff member that attended the role play yesterday got a chance to save a customer today. The customer was shopping Geico and my staff used the information he learned from you and saved a 33 year customer with 4 cars and 5 other policies as a result! Great topic yesterday.

Agent in Washington

Get Started with RPOA

With RPOA, you can tap into a proven service that is helping agency owners, sales managers, and producers boost their sales numbers. You’ll also help your team be more prepared and knowledgeable on the latest sales and service topics circulating throughout the industry.

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Get Started with RPOA

Role play training to up your sales game

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