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The Elite Referral Machine Training Course is dropping soon. Now on sale for $197 (normally sold at $247). Claim your spot & don’t miss this special pre-sale offer!

Insurance agencies often spend a lot of time and effort on attracting leads for their business. It’s an endless game of trying to find high-quality leads and then figuring out the best follow-up and nurture process. But what if you could get more traffic to your business without spending any money and considerably less effort?

With The Elite Referral Machine Training Course, you can:

  • Develop an easy-to-follow referral process that aligns with the delivery timeline of your product or service
  • Create a multi-touch, post-sale process
  • Learn how to guarantee a prospect will refer you
  • Design a rewards system that encourages more referrals
  • And much more!
Spending valuable time trying to put together effective ad campaigns often leads to frustration and little to no results. Not to mention that it’s all too easy to overspend precious budget dollars while you wait for leads who are truly interested in doing business with you.

Plus, you’ll receive the following four bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Swipe Files:
Made for you, multi-touch, email, SMS and voice mail swipe files, so you don’t have to struggle with or pay for writing content.

The files include:

  • 8 scripted touches for the first 90 days
  • A referral request email
  • Message template when the referral is successful
  • Message template when the referral is not successful
Bonus #2 – Insight:
Access to the white paper, 14 Ways to Build Trust, which will help position you to close more sales, retain sales, and gain referrals.

Bonus #3 – Workbook:
Get organized with a spreadsheet template to develop your own referral process, based on the sales/delivery cycle.

Bonus #4 – Getting Ready:
Discover proven resources with recommendations on tech that are a must to exponentially grow your business.

Meet Your Instructor, Rob Liano

The Elite Referral Machine Training Course was created by Rob Liano, a best-selling author, sales strategist, and motivational speaker. His entrepreneurial mindset, passion for serving others, and dedication to excellence led him to change the face of insurance sales.

By implementing a new and improved sales process, his methodologies have transformed agents and agencies so that they could reach top producer status.

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Here’s What Others Are Saying About Rob Liano’s Sales Training

“We brought Rob in for a five-hour Rock Star Sales Training session in front of our Top Producers. These are brokers already producing at a very high level. Each told me it was some of the best training in sales they had ever received. I would highly recommend Rob Liano’s training to any sales force looking to increase their production.”
Rick Notter

Director, BCBS of Michigan

“When it comes to skills needed to sell a product, any product, there’s one man who’s head and shoulders above the rest. That’s Rob Liano. He trains in sales skills and he’s a high integrity guy. I have been working with Rob for a few years now. He is very sharp, confident and considerate. I wish I could clone him to set up telephone sales locations throughout the U.S.”
Greg Lourzel

R.S.D. Time Insurance (formerly)

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We are currently offering The Elite Referral Machine Training Course at the pre-sale special rate of $147 (normally $247), available only through our site.


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original price $247

Now $147

The Elite Referral Machine Training Course is dropping soon. Now on sale for $197 (normally sold at $247). Claim your spot & don’t miss this special pre-sale offer!