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Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, your website is something that has to consistently perform well. But if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal, you could be missing out on significant opportunities to capture site visitors and convert them into leads. That’s why it’s essential to have a way to grab site visitors’ attention through research and the latest technology.

Integrate Your Quoting Tools & Convert More Visitors

The WPInsurance WordPress Theme will help you accelerate your online efforts. It’s specifically designed to convert more visitors into leads while easily integrating your quoting tools.

With the WPInsurance Theme, you can have:

  • A fast loading site and landing page templates to help you excel in growing your agency.
  • A mobile-first site that utilizes the latest technology and best practices, so you’re always up-to-date.
  • Pre-built or customized forms that are designed to grab attention and can be used with any CRM.
  • An easy-to-use live design editor that gives you all the functionality of a typical site while being able to integrate with other plug-ins and tools to maximize your efforts.
  • And much more!

By using the WPInsurance Theme, you can tap into a decade of insurance and marketing data to boost your site’s performance.

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Instead of spending money on platforms that charge you a setup fee along with a monthly recurring cost that’s subject to change at any time, the WPInsurance Theme is only a one-time fee. And you own your site for life! Plus, since this is a WordPress theme, you’re on an open-source platform that gives you massive potential for functionality and integration.

Step-by-Step Setup Guides

Once you gain access to the WPInsurance Theme, you’ll have everything you need to get started. You’ll see a step-by-step video that walks you through the download and implementation process. Or, you can pay a minimal fee, and we can take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

What Agents Are Saying about WPInsurance

“The Wpinsurance theme is awesome. My site loads much faster which has helped my mobile rankings increase. It looks great and conveys a very professional feel to users.

I chose to customize many different aspects of the theme to suit my specific needs all of which turned out great. Since the update I’ve noticed a rankings increase for many competitive keywords I’ve worked hard to rank for. If someone is looking to get an insurance website to rank in Google, they need this theme!”

Anthony Martin, ChoiceMutual.com

“I always tried to keep my plugins to a minimum, however with the WPInsurance theme I was able to cut a bunch of them out. That is where I saw the biggest increase in speed I think. Jetpack was made by Automattic (WordPress), and it was a huge resource hog. I needed it for the author box and the commenting features on my old theme. Those features were built into the WPInsurance theme, so Jetpack is gone.

Sticky widget to keep my NinjaQuoter floating, gone. 3 other styling plugins to change various elements of the old theme, gone.

In short, my main page went from 1.3 MB to less than 400k by getting rid of bloated code and plugins. Where my pages used to fail on mobile testing, now they are screaming fast. Google loves me, and this is all due to optimizing with the WPInsurance theme”.

Jimmy McMillan, HeartLifeInsurance.com

“I was one of the first purchasers of WPInsurance theme. I could not be happier with the design and functionality of my website. In addition to the theme I upgraded to the “Done For You” option. With this option I literally did not do a single thing other than give the WPInsurance team log-in credentials for my hosting account. My WPInsurance theme was installed and fully functional without any issues or effort on my part. Content from my previous website was transferred seamlessly.
The price for this theme is a complete steal for anyone in the insurance business. Professionally designed landing pages that optimize for conversion (not a complete website, a landing page only) can easily run you $1,500+. I have no doubt the WPInsurance theme will convert better than anything else on the market.”

Bearcat Brant, BrantInsurance.com

Exclusive Jumpstart Go Offer

When you purchase the WPInsurance Theme, you will receive:

  • Assistance with installing a Facebook Pixel on your site
  • 1 FREE Month of the Insurance Marketing Toolkit (perfect for social media & blog post content)

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